ECC Programs

The Infant/Toddler Program

Our program for infants and toddlers consist of two infant and two toddler rooms plus three yards specifically designed to meet the needs of very young children. Low child to teacher ratios assure individualized care for each child. Each family has a primary teacher who particularly focuses on their child. We practice continuity of care: teachers and their group of children advance together from room to room. Small groups, primary caregiving, and close communication with families give infants and toddlers the long-term, meaningful relationships that are critical to their development in the first three years of life.

The Preschool Program

The preschool program consists of three groups of mixed aged children from the ages of 2 1/2 to 4 years of age. The children enjoy a large yard with learning opportunities that change daily. The majority of the preschool day takes place in our outdoor classroom. A very small group of TK children are enrolled but 4 and 5 year old children are encouraged to attend their local elementary school. No new children will be enrolled over the age of 3 1/2. Our play-based program gives ample opportunity, space and time to develop friendships, explore nature and enjoy the whimsy and fun of imagination. Ongoing observation and tracking of children’s development supports children’s readiness to enter primary school. We believe that play is the work of young children and that through play the important skills for school such as emotional maturity, communication and executive functioning will develop. Through their active engagement with learning environments, other children, and teachers, children learn about themselves and their world.

Our program is woven through with the educational tenets of the CA Teaching Pyramid, PITC, Outdoor Classroom and the CA foundations and Early Learning Framework.