– A Help for Families in Need –

“You have no idea how thankful we are for this help. This program will bring stability and the ability for our family to hopefully get back on our feet. We are overwhelmed with gratitude.”

– These are the words of a parent registering for PresbyCare, and they have been echoed again and again. Parents are so immensely grateful for what First Pres is offering.

Families with working parents – especially those who are essential workers or whose income depends on working away from home – are struggling immensely right now while their elementary school children must conduct school from home. As you can imagine, trying to work from home, or work outside the home, or search to replace a job that has been lost due to COVID-19, increases stress significantly and greatly inhibits children’s ability to learn. You can help them with your gift today!

PresbyCare – a new ministry of our church – launched Monday morning, August 31. Children and Family Ministry, HR, and Finance committees have worked hard to develop a solid plan to meet this immediate need.

  • We identified a highly qualified and caring Director, Jacema Andino, and four skilled and loving counselors who will welcome two “Pods” of full-time students, Kindergarten through 3rd grade.
  • We transformed our fellowship hall space into a warm, welcoming environment for 20+ students to engage their schools’ at-distance online learning – to see and talk to their teachers and their fellow students.
  • Our counselors have prepared to support, encourage, and help facilitate student learning, while providing fun and refreshing break times and afternoon outdoor activities.
  • We established a baseline budget and honed operation costs to bare essentials in order to maximize scholarships and meet this critical need as soon as possible.

Each child in our care significantly lessens the burdens parents are feeling right now, and provides essential support and social interaction for their child. We’re so grateful for the way that God is using our facility and church family to meet our community’s needs.

We want you to know how you can join us in ensuring that this gift to local families is sustained for the duration of this difficult time, and available to as many families as possible.

Several of the families registered for PresbyCare have come to us in a season of significant financial distress. PresbyCare exists not only to provide support for families who can afford the cost of $300 per student per week, but also for those for whom $300 a week is simply not feasible. We’ve worked to reduce the operation costs to the bare minimum in order that we might maximize scholarships to families in need. Still, the requests for scholarships exceeds the ability of the PresbyCare budget alone to serve each of the families seeking relief through this ministry right now. With your support we can offer 25%, 50%, and also, where necessary, 75% scholarships based on real levels of need.

Will you please consider being a part of supporting this important endeavor?

All donations you make go directly to assisting these children and their families through PresbyCare scholarships and program support, ensuring the safety, care, love, and support that this ministry provides. Please see more details for giving below.


THANK YOU for considering a donation to PresbyCare. Your gift will provide a family in need with the financial support to ensure the safety, care, and support of their child in this season of remote schooling.

To give by check, through mail or in person, make checks out to “First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara” with “PresbyCare Donation” in the subject line.

To give online, go to, and click the “Give Online” button on the top right of the homepage. Under the “Fund” dropdown menu, please scroll down to and select “PresbyCare Scholarships.”