Van Ministry

The Van Ministry is dedicated to transporting folks to and from Sunday worship and other church activities who would otherwise be unable to have fellowship and attend the activities and worship services of our church.

Please contact the church office (805-687-0754) to arrange a ride to worship or a church activity.  Space may be limited and priority is given to current church attendees.

How You Can Help
The more drivers and hosts we have the more blessings abound! Participate as your interest and your availability allow. Our goal is to have a safe and a positive experience for all participants, drivers, and hosts, and to experience God’s love in this Van Ministry. Thank you for your assistance in this unique and rewarding ministry team of our church family.  Minimum age for drivers is 25 and for hosts is 16.

Contact the church office (805-687-0754) to receive more information on volunteering for this important ministry.

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More Information for Drivers
More Information for Hosts