Van Ministry

The Primary Van Ministry is dedicated to transporting to and from church and other activities of the church people who would otherwise be unable to have fellowship and attend the activities and worship services of our church.

Are you a member at First Pres and need a ride to a church activity? Contact Ellen Duke to arrange a pick-up. If you are not a church member and would like to join us for an event, please contact the church office at (805) 687-0754.

How You Can Help
The more drivers and shotguns we have the more blessings abound! Sign-up and participate as your interest and your availability allow. Our goal is to have a safe and a positive experience for all participants, drivers, and “Shotguns,” and to experience God’s love in this Van Ministry. Thank you for your assistance in this unique and rewarding ministry team of our church family.

Opportunities for Service in Our Van Ministries
Sunday Worship – Each Sunday
Chariot of Friends – Second Wednesday of each month, Sept. through May.
Youth field trips for the Early Childhood Center.
Presbycamp trips during the summer program.
High School and Junior High School group trips during the school year and summer.
Other events of our church as called upon, i.e. mission trips, special programs, etc.

Learn More About Getting Involved
Van Use Policy
How to Become a Driver
How to Become a Shotgun