Nurse Sharon Head again will be administering flu shots on Thursday, September 30, from 10 am to 1 pm in the church parking lot (drive thru or walk up). Please contact Sharon (Shead@fpcsb.org or 805-455-2847) to schedule a time. Note that this is the regular flu vaccine, not the high-dose vaccine.

The flu information form and the consent forms are below in Spanish and English.  Please fill out the consent form and bring it with you when you come in for your First Presbyterian Flu Vaccine.

Flu Shot Consent Form in English

Flu Shot Consent Form in Spanish

Flu Shot Information Page in English

Flu Shot Information Page in Spanish


Parish Nurses are registered nurses who are committed to a personal relationship with God and integrate this spirituality within their nursing practice. They become a member of the pastoral team as an integrator of faith and health providing emotional and spiritual guidance to individuals and their families facing crisis situations and everyday problems. The major professional activities of the parish nurse position are as a health educator, personal health counselor, developer of support groups, trainer of volunteers, referral agent, and health advocate.

Parish Nurse Services include:
Health Education Classes
Health Assessments and Screenings (Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar)
Personal Health Counseling & Resource Referrals
Recruitment and training of congregational volunteers
CPR Review
On-Site Flu Shots
Monthly Health Newsletter
Advance Directive Workshops
Home and Hospital Visitation
Member of Church Staff & Church Health Committees – Health Minister


Sharon Head RN
Parish Nurse

Parish Nursing found me in 1998 almost 20 years ago. After working in hospitals, administration, home care, and hospice this nursing specialty offers me the gift of serving the whole person and caring for those in body, in mind and in spirit. The health of any one of these elements seems to affect the other. Whether visiting an individual in the hospital, a nursing home, or a hospice house I find the most important skill is listening, being present and praying with the person. As a registered nurse I have sat by many bedsides in my life. Illness brings challenges into a person’s life and helping one find inner peace, comfort and strength, love and connection, and restored health makes my work so valuable.