Children’s Worship based on Godly Play

This fun and engaging program will take place during our 9:30 worship service for children at a pre – reading level as well as potty trained. The children will be in the sanctuary for the beginning of the worship service and then be shepherded to the children’s worship space that is located off of the sacristy and accessed through the front of the sanctuary. This transition will occur after the children’s message. Depending upon the needs of a particular child, there is always flexibility as we strive for what will be most nurturing for your child.


Based upon Montessori principles, Godly Play recognizes and honors that children can and do have meaningful encounters with God. It teaches them to worship through an age-appropriate experience of worship with time for gathering around the Word, hearing the Word through story-telling, responding to the Word through creative outlets, praying together, and then being sent out with a blessing. Your child will be in the capable hands of a trained worship leader, a worship assistant, and a volunteer. You are welcome to join your child and we always welcome parent volunteers!