Ways to Serve the World

  • Pray for our missionaries
  • Correspond with our missionaries (email, letters)
  • Contribute to their work (money)
  • Visit them (e.g., mission trips)
  • Help with publicity and information

Rev. Jane Holslag
Serving Christ at LCC International University in Lithuania

Jane teaches “Introduction to Bible” to college sophomores from more than 20 countries in Eastern Europe. While most of her students have “never cracked the book” before entering her class, Jane senses a strong call to introduce them to the treasures contained in the Bible. “It is a roller coaster ride like unto none other, but I love it and have been reminded again and again that God’s word in written and spoken form and even as it dwells and works in and through his people doesn’t return void,” she says. “Hardly a week goes by when I’m not surprised or even shocked at how these students are captured by the stories, the truth, and yes, even the love of God.”

Rev. Gregory K. Ca11ison and Rev. Christine Goodman Ca11ison
Serving Christ together

Greg and Chris serve in a region with high security concerns so no information can be posted about them on any website. This is for their safety as well as that of the people with whom they work.

Rev. Dr. Esther Wakeman and Rev. Robert Collins
Serving Christ together in Thailand

Esther is vice-president for spiritual and community life at Payap University in Chiang Mai, the first Christian university in Thailand. “This is a time of great social stress and change, and the privilege of helping prepare young leaders for the country is a great responsibility and honor,” she says. “Most of our staff and students are not Christian, but we live and work together in an educational institution established in the name of Christ. We have great opportunities to share God’s love daily.” Rob, a retired mission co-worker with more than 50 years of service in Thailand, teaches New Testament at Payap’s McGilvary School of Theology.

Rev. Dr. John and Rev. Dr. Anne Wheeler-Waddell

For years John and Anne served with PC(USA) as mission co-workers, primarily in Ethiopia.  In 2009 they joined the new mission agency, The Antioch Partners.  First Pres continues to provide them with partial support, which we have done for more than ten years.