Scholarship Availability

at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara


What is the History & Purpose of the Fund?

The First Presbyterian Scholarship Fund was established by gifts from church members to provide scholarships for financial assistance to students seeking to further their education after graduation from high school.  The principal beneficiaries of the FPC Scholarship Fund shall be students attending  an accredited college, university, technical or vocational school. This would be for both undergrad and graduate level work.


How is the Fund Administered?

The recipients  of said scholarship will be selected by a scholarship committee.  Scholarships will be awarded annually for the school year beginning with the fall semester of the year in which the award is made. Scholarships will be derived from the interest earned on the Scholarship fund. The monetary amount and the number of awards given each year may vary depending on the amount of interest earned and donations received and will be at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. It is not required that awards utilize all income or donations in any given year.


Who is Eligible?

Applicants must be members or active participants in the life of First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara. He/she must be planning to attend college, a technical institution or vocational school after high school graduation or currently be enrolled in a college or technical program.  Scholarship awards are based on Christian values/beliefs, a demonstrated interest in church, community and school activities, scholarship, and prospects of continuing his/her education program through to graduation. Applicants must include one letter of recommendation.


How do I Apply?

Each applicant must complete a formal application furnished by the Scholarship Committee and must provide said committee with a current transcript from their school. Also, when available, the applicant must provide the committee with a copy of his/her acceptance letter from the school they plan to attend in the fall.


Please Note

Scholarship checks will be made out to the recipient to be used to help with expenses derived from pursuing his/her educational goal. Checks are good for 90 days from date of issue. Checks that are not cashed will be voided.



The Scholarship Committee of the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara will select the recipients. Applicants will by notified by April 30.


Application Deadline

The deadline for all applications is March 31.



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