Jail Ministry

The Jail Ministry at FPCSB consists of church members visiting the Santa Barbara Jail to minister to the inmates. We have seen several men come to the Lord, and show interest in learning about and living a Christian life.

Recently, a new midweek format for Bible Study was accepted by the Santa Barbara County Jail. The purpose is to assist the Holy Spirit by offering instruction and helps for Bible literacy. It is held for those inmates who are truly thirsty for finding the way, the truth, and the life in the Bible. Themes for Bible Study are used to encourage inmate focus in topical study.

Growth in learning how to find scripture for their own discernment is being assisted by new Study Bibles donated by FPCSB. The IRC-400 inmate members that meet daily for “Prayer Circle” send their prayers of gratitude to you.

Got Bibles? We’ll use them! We are always looking for Bibles to be donated to this ministry.

For information about volunteering with our Jail Ministry or any of our other outreach programs, please contact Chuck Curtis.