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erik sanctuaryChildren’s Ministries at First Presbyterian Church is designed to introduce your child (infant to 6th grade) to the love of God in Jesus Christ, and to enable each child to find his or her place as a part of our church family. Some programs are intended as caring places to be while parents are working or attending classes. Some are for families to fellowship together, and others are intended to offer age appropriate fellowship, Bible study, support and fun.

Programs vary in purpose, but all are safe and welcoming. Paid staff and volunteers provide leadership in all areas of the programs, but your assistance is welcomed. Contact Susan if you are interested in volunteering in some way. We have implemented a screening process for all who work with children and youth, to ensure the safety of the children committed to our care.

Major Areas Covered in K-6 Programming


Director of Children’s Ministries:

Susan Croshaw (805-687-0754 x115)

[email protected]

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