Christian Education Facility Upgrade

A message your session has heard loud and clear is that our children and youth are one of our highest priorities. In our series of Home Meetings between September and November 2013, with over 200 congregation members attending, this theme was expressed repeatedly: our young people’s formation in Christian faith, their love for the Lord and his church, is a vital part of our purpose.

Our ministry with children and youth has been growing wonderfully, not only in numbers (Please see the Fact Sheet), but in enthusiasm and commitment. How grateful we are! What we need, however, is a space for Christian education that communicates this commitment. So we’re asking for your help. This summer, we have the opportunity to accomplish a significant upgrading of our facilities for this ministry–a space that has not been improved since its construction in the 1970s. A task force appointed by session has completed a study, working with an architect to propose immediate improvements, as well as long-range enhancements. Please see the drawing of the remodeled classrooms, formerly the “old fellowship hall”. The cost of these improvements, including remodeling of our Youth Lodge, is $146,000. With your support, we know we can reach this goal.

Will you prayerfully consider an extra gift to the church for this purpose? Our hope is that everyone will participate with a contribution. If it is possible for you to make a sacrificial gift, know that it will further help move this project forward. Kindly send your gift by Friday, June 19. If you have questions about the project please contact Pastor Peter, Pastor Erik, or simply call the church 687-0754.

How grateful we are for this opportunity to serve our children, youth, and their families. How grateful we are for you—for this congregation that shows its love in wonderful ways.

Sincerely in Christ,

The Session:

Cynthy Ardell, Yvonne Bazinet, Leigh Ann Bradley, Peter Buehler, Hannah Croshaw, Nathan Garcia, Meryle Gaston, Melinda Gerow, Lee Kirkpatrick, Jim Kreyger, Elaine Laustsen, Cheryl Long, Mavis Mayne, Don Montgomery, Brandon Mowery, Joan Pratt, Beth Preston, Anne Shelton, Tristin Sherman, Tamara Skov, Brian Slattery, Louise Stevenson, Erik Wiebe, and Jeanette Zinke