First Time @ First?


The congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara gladly welcomes everyone to walk through their doors and experience the grace and love of Jesus Christ. All are invited to personally experience this Christian community where we “seek intergenerational fellowship, find spiritual truth, and respond in joyous service in Jesus’ name.”

We have come from many different places and many different backgrounds to join together in deepening our Christian faith, worshipping God, and reaching out with love and compassion to our local and global communities.

Everyone is welcomed and invited here. If you plan on visiting us for the first time, you’ll experience a warm welcome, plentiful resources for growing in faith, loving people who desire to respond to questions and needs, and  stories of people who have received the abundant love of God.

God’s love is a gift that challenges us to love and to give graciously of our own gifts. We know that Jesus often calls us into areas of service where we get more than we bargained for, and that challenges us to trust God’s promise that God will provide what is needed and respond to the needs of the world. We would be glad to have you join our calling to worship faithfully, serve lovingly in community, share grace unconditionally, and see Christ in all people.