Church Officers

What is an Elder?

Along with the pastors, elders oversee and help lead the life of our congregation. They lead by serving. Their areas of responsibility include worship, teaching, mission, evangelism, care, and nurture.

The Board of Elders is known as the Session

The session of a particular church consists of the pastor or co-pastors, the associate pastors, and the elders in active service. All members of the session, including the pastor, co-pastors, and associate pastors, are entitled to vote.

The session is responsible for the mission and government of the particular church.

Book of Order G-10.0101 & G-10.0102


Class of 2016

  • Nathan Garcia (Youth Elder)
  • Meryle Gaston
  • Lee Kirkpatrick
  • Lois Okerstrom
  • Tristin Sherman
  • Brian Slattery

Class of 2017

  • Leigh Ann Bradley
  • Elaine Laustsen
  • Cheryl Long
  • Jim Kreyger
  • Tamara Skov

 Class of 2018

  • Mavis Mayne
  • Don Montgomery
  • Brandon Mowery
  • Beth Preston
  • Jeanette Zinke

Clerk of Session: Tristen Sherman

Treasurer: Dave Ardell

Church Business Administrator: Denise Rodman

What is a Deacon?

The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, of exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies, and sound judgment should be chosen for this office.

Book of Order G-6.0400

The Board of deacons performs a ministry of compassion, care and concern for the Church’s parishioners and assists in an outreach of compassion, care and concern within the community.

Deacons visit shut-in and elderly parishioners with gifts and flowers from the Church; distribute holiday, birthday and other occasion remembrances, visit parishioners who are ill or in the hospital and comfort parishioners in distress.

In addition to regular calls and visits, Deacons respond whenever made aware of special needs within the congregation or community.

The Board of Deacons also administers specific programs to assist parishioners who require special public transportation to church events, and a fund to provide educational scholarships to parishioners.

The work of the Deacons is not funded in the Church budget but rather through periodic designated collections from the congregation, bequests and gifts.

Deacon Earle Howey

Board of Deacons


Class of 2016

  • Doug Ducharme
  • Wanda Kelley
  • Nathalie Manyo
  • Margie Rhinestein
  • Marilyn Torrey
  • Matthew Wright
  • Laura Techentin
  • Beverly Smaniotto

Class of 2017

  • Esther Bennett
  • Peter F. Buehler
  • Cheryl Brown
  • Jodie Hunter
  • Patti Rogers
  • Sue Schaefer
  • Jacci Trandal
  • Geri Willoughby

Class of 2018

  • Susan Croshaw
  • Esther Hur
  • Jennifer Koehly
  • MaryAnn Lang
  • Mary Marsh
  • Susan Scott
  • Eleanore Wennburg



Moderator: Laura Techentin Vice Moderator:

Secretary: Nathalie Manyo


Memorial Receptions Coordinator: